An invertebrate with a body of caterpillars and five pairs of legs. Shrimps are included in the ten-foot count of the armored class in the arthropod team. Shrimp are found all over the world. Shrimp are caught in India, Southeast Asia, Australia and Mexico. In India, shrimp production is remarkable in Andhra Pradesh on the east coast and Kerala and Maharashtra on the west coast. Zinga means prawn. Prawns are classified into two types, pinid prawns and nonpinid prawns. Pinid prawns are large in size and nonpinid are small in size. Generally, pinned prawns are shrimp and non-pinned prawns are shrimp or prawns.

There are 12-15 species of prawns in India and 8-10 species in Maharashtra. 30-40 m in the sea of shrimp in India. Found in deep water, shallow places, brackish and brackish water as well as itching. Also some species of prawns are found in rivers, reservoirs and seepage ponds. In some places, shrimp farming is practiced in freshwater as well as in seawater or in ponds by diverting stagnant water to the beach.