About Us

Deliver fresh Seafood from the boat to your home, With the team of more than 150 fishermen from and across the port of Sasoon Dock, Colaba, Bhaucha dhakka, Versova, Trombay, Uran, Alibag & Malvan.

At fresh from the boat we are super proud about the fish that we supply.

When you buy fish, you want to buy it with confidence. Fresh whole fish should be clear, bright eyed, bright red gill, moist skin, shiny, the tail should be stiff & the flesh firm, it should have a sea fresh smell. When buying from the boat you can buy it with confidence!

Majority of our fish is caught by our own boat or other local inshore sustainable day boats.

When you get our fish, it is only a matter of hours from shore to door & you will notice by the fishes bright eyes, gills, colouring.

Seafood delivered in the quickest timescale possible from boat to plate. (Normally within 12 to 24 Hours)

Delivery service – From shore to your door in matter of hours.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
(Morning 7 AM to Evening 7 PM)

Guidelines for order & delivery:

  • Kindly confirm your order one day before your plan schedule of consumption
    i.e. if you are planning to prepare meal on Wednesday morning then make sure to confirm the order before 10 p.m. by Monday
  • The size and the weight of the fish varies on regular basis depend on the available catch. Therefore, we can’t guaranty to provide the same size of fish as previous delivery.
  • The availability of fish completely depends on the arrival of boats may get affected due to high tide, rain or other conditions of the port which may alter the status or schedule of delivery.
  • To keep the food mileage minimum & to preserve the sparkling freshness of the fish, we don’t provide cleaning & descaling of regular size fish. However, we do provide preparation from descaling & gutting or even filleting for large size of fish.
  • Mode of Payment
    After delivery by A] Cash B] Net Banking C] G Pay (Delivery Charges @ Rs 50)
    Free Home Delivery for orders above Rs 600